NPD and BPD? Two Different Tastes That Taste Terrible Together.

by Teresa LynneJanuary 21, 2015
I am really sick of Narcissistic Personality Disorder and Borderline Personality Disorder, two separate issues, being treated like a Reese’s Peanut Butter Cup that always go together.There is not some criteria list that I can find on narcissism as in BPD but there are very similar ones when you Google it. I like simple, so I just say, "heartless jerk" but that doesn’t even begin to describe the complexity of a personality that can wreak destruction on the lives it touches. Sense of entitlement, always the victim, blame shifting, no or very little empathy. A false identity so held onto that when you challenge their motives or behavior they will annihilate you. [More]



BPD Shame Storm: The Overpowering Emotional Wave

by Teresa LynneJanuary 08, 2015
I have a client who has taken to this healing and recovery from BPD like a fish to water. He practices skills on a consistent basis, is eating more nutritiously, practicing HeartMath and his relationships with his family are becoming more connected and joyous. He recently discovered that he had a massive shame trigger event that had let’s say been ignored and it hit him like a giant wave throwing him under and tossing him around. He fought it hard trying to use breath, but hey, you can’t breathe under water so the more he fought it the more he spiraled and spun out of control not knowing which way was up. When we mercilessly beat ourselves up, we ARE punishing the ones who love us because our shame will not allow us to connect with them. [More]


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I Am HeartMath Certified! Get More Resilience and Clarity!!

by Teresa LynneDecember 17, 2014
A lot of people think of the heart as a mere muscle that pumps and circulates blood. The truth is there is a lot more to the heart. Neuro-cardio science has demonstrated that the heart has its own brain and nervous system and sends billions of signals every day to the brain. [More]


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The Benefits Of Yogic Pranayama Breathing Other Stories About Cesareans

by Teresa LynneDecember 04, 2014
 The Benefits Of Yogic Pranayama Breathing  Other Stories About Cesareans Good[More]



You Do Not Have to Suffer!!! Really, You Don't! Practice This and Keep Moving Forward.

by Teresa LynneDecember 03, 2014
How many of us are in a situation or have a set of circumstances we wish were different but there is nothing we can do to change it? Whether it’s an illness, a loss of some type or some sort of upheaval in our lives, we can really go beyond pain and into suffering. When I lost my husband to a divorce a few years ago, there were times I was so swallowed up in fear and sadness that I could hardly function and the abandonment thing was kicking my ass. There was not a thing I could do to change the situation and of course as I said before, it was a good decision for the long run because there was no end to the hostility between us. Still, the wretched sadness would overtake me at times and I wondered if I would even survive it, never mind find happiness again. [More]

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It's The Most Wonderful Time of the Year! Really?

by Teresa LynneNovember 19, 2014
Is Thanksgiving actually next week? You don't have to have BPD or even high sensitivity to get out of whack over it. With a little planning you can avoid wishing you could just sleep through the end of the year or curling up into a puddle of goop -- and enjoy or at least tolerate things without feeling like you are the victim of this forced upon us joyous season. [More]

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My Mind Is On FIRE!!! Shut It Down Captain! How to Handle Moments of Crisis.

by Teresa LynneNovember 10, 2014
I know what it's like to feel extreme emotions and think I'm going off the edge.  There's not m [More]


Ebony and Ivory, Live Together in Perfect Harmony?

by Teresa LynneNovember 06, 2014
Do you ever think of your partner as the most wonderful human you have ever come in contact with one day and then he/she does some little thoughtless thing, usually having zero to do with you and suddenly they are the spawn of Satan. Next thing you know, everything they have ever said and done is proof that you shouldn’t be with them and we go into a negative spiral over it, taking a wrecking ball to a situation that may only need a screw driver. [More]

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Questions are the Answer?

by Teresa LynneOctober 15, 2014
We have all heard the old adage, "the only stupid question is the one unasked". WRONG. It's more like, "want a better answer, ask a better question". In the process of speaking with many clients and their families struggling with so called BPD, I have come to realize that questions are at the heart of a lot of pain and inertia. It’s pretty simple really and I see it at work and play in my own life. I was working with “Lisa” the other day and she asked me “why can’t I do anything right?” I pondered the question and the possible answers she might give herself instead of just saying “oh sweetie, there are so many things you do right”. Marinating in her negative story about herself, she wouldn’t have believed it anyway. [More]

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So Happy to Find Out How Smart I Really Am. Seventy-Two hours of Validation.

by Teresa LynneOctober 08, 2014
I really struggled with the idea of attending the conference in San Antonio last month. I really wanted to become part of an integrative network so I could refer my clients to whole healing professionals but I was intimidated. After all, it MD’s training MD’s and PHD’s. I thought well, this will be way over MY head and I was right. It was, AND it was the best thing I’ve ever done for myself and my clients. The most incredible part was finding out there is a mysterious creature I did not know existed but was exhilarated to discover. It’s called an integrative psychiatrist. [More]

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